Our Spun-Furn product is a spunbond non-woven fabric which is used extensively in the furniture industry because of its pliant, sound dampening and cost-effective properties.
steitex spunbond

Steitex Spun-Furn Features

  • Spunbond is used as a dust cover, around springs and on the back/underside of furniture and beds. In beds and seating furniture, the springs are often embedded in non-woven to protect the other material from sharp edges.
  • Sound dampening – Non-woven material is used to create a greater sense of luxury and a better feel in a piece of furniture. Using a soft and pliant non-woven material gives the customer an experience of the furniture or bed that is quieter with less rustling.
  • Cost effective – To keep costs down, non-woven material can be used to clad the backs, inserts or undersides of furniture and beds that are not visible to the eye.


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