Spun-Agri is used to make protective coverings for a variety of horticultural plants and crops. Spunbond is sold in the form of rolls with characteristics that are highly appreciated in this sector.
steitex spunbond

Steitex Spun-Agri Features

  • Absorbency
  • Stretch
  • Strength
  • Bacterial barrier
  • Filter
  • UV protection
  • Flame retardant
  • Recyclable
  • Disposable
  • Durable

Challenges of Modern Agriculture

Climate change, shrinkage in cultivated areas, optimisation of water and natural resources management. Modern agriculture has very specific challenges and needs requiring solutions that can increase the yield of agricultural crops and reduce waste without compromising the quality of the products sold to the market. This is where Steitex – VitaAgri can assist, to collaborate and offer beneficial products relating to your agricultural needs.

Steitex Spunbond non-woven can be used to extend the harvest of late crops (sometimes up to late winter) or to advance the harvest of the early crops of the new season, thus extending the growing and harvesting period.

Steitex Spunbond is used to make protective coverings for a variety of horticultural plants and crops. Spunbond is sold in the form of rolls with characteristics that are highly appreciated in this sector.

Spunbond Applications for the Agriculture Market

Agriculture Crop Cover

Crop cover fabrics help to extend the growing season resulting in higher yield crops. They are particularly essential in climatic conditions that do not favour successful continuous crop development. They create a microclimate by keeping soil temperatures higher than environment temperature, thus helping plants to grow faster.

  • Protect plants from frost, snow, hail, strong wind and insects
  • Allow earlier plantation – increase crop cycles per season, crop yields and profits
  • Reduce moisture loss through the soil
  • Reduce the risk of cross pollination
  • Allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate
  • Reduce the need for insecticides and chemical treatment
  • Control ground heat
Agriculture Mulch Fabric

High Water, Light and Air permeability to help the long-term plants to grow faster. It will control weeds and keep the plant, farms and gardens neat and clean.

  • Water and air permeability control the soil temperature and quality
  • Helps to reduce the maintenance times
Open Field Crop Cover

Saves your crops from insects, animals and diseases hence giving better yield than before. Protects plants from frost, wind and extreme climatic changes with optimising temperature for plant growth.

  • Optimises air circulation due to better porosity of fabric
  • Provides sunlight transmission for better photosynthesis
Weed Control

Weed control non-woven fabric is used in agriculture, gardening, plantations, horticulture, etc. to control weeds.

  • Retards weed growth with a barrier between mulch and soil
  • Allows water, air, herbicides, fertiliser and insecticide flow into the soil
  • Minimises erosion and loss of mulch due to soil intrusion
  • Reduces plant bed maintenance and cuts back the need for watering
  • Can control weed growth with less or no chemical use

Agricultural Spunbond PP Weight Range

Standard colours WHITE (protection) and BLACK (mulch) – additional colours can be manufactured according to customer specifications.

17gsm Offers ideal protection for vegetables and flowers. By preventing the loss of heat and moisture during the most delicate phases of the growing process, it allows for improving and staggering the harvest of lettuce, carrots, potatoes, strawberries, melons, etc. Furthermore, it promotes fast and homogeneous plant rooting.
20gsm – 30gsm The ideal fabric for winter season protection of plants in vases or plants with woody stems.
The greenhouse effect, together with a slight wind-breaking effect, ensures the thermal insulation of both aerial parts and roots of plants. Being lightweight, the non-woven is easy to use and install.
50gsm For protection against rain, wind, large insects, birds and small animals in general.


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