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Vitafoam manufacture foam mattresses that are designed to suite everyone. We have a range of standard Economy foam products that are in stock and ready to be delivered, as well as a special designed range to cater to your individual needs.
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Standard Foam Mattresses

The standard economy range consists of one layer of triple thickness medium density open cell polyurethane foam, covered in one of the following: Stitchbond, Spundbond, Vinyl and Stain resistant fabric.

The economy range of mattresses is by far the most sought after mattress in the economy mattress market because it is manufactured exclusively by Vitafoam, countrywide. Spring mattresses can’t compromise for your weight variances, which is aggravated by upward spring pressure, forcing your body to over compensate on muscles when they are trying to rest. Specialty foams including memory foam moulds to the shape of your body giving you a weightless and pressure free sleep.

What is Fibre?

Fibre is a type of filling used in sofas that is manufactured from polyester. You may be familiar with polyester fibre as it can be found inside other popular products such as teddy bears, pillows and duvets.

Fibre is a very popular choice for a sofa filling as it is very versatile and is a cheaper option to duck feathers or down. It is used in the seat cushions, arm pads and backs of sofas. It is also the filling of choice for most scatter cushions.

Sofas that use fibre in the seat cushions tend to have a soft and lived in look, requiring a lot of maintenance to keep them looking their best. Daily turning and plumping of the cushions is needed to maintain comfort and to prevent them from going flat.

fibre sofa

Two main types of fibre

  • Blown fibre

    Blown fibre is created by using high pressure air to fill each cushion with fibre. This process causes the fibre to be distributed in a random fashion, creating a looser filling of fibre with lots of little air pockets. This loose filling gives creates a cushion that is very soft. Blown fibre is mostly found in sofa seat cushions and scatter cushions. The image to the right shows a seating cushion filled with blown fibre.

  • Ball Fibre

    The Ball Fibre is springy, fluffy, odorless,non-allergenic, lightweight and voluminous, so the resulting products are light and washable, and can maintain body temperature, providing the best quality and the utmost comfort for the consumer.

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