Expanded Polyethylene foam


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Expanded polyethylene foam is outstanding for use as a packaging material.  Its shock absorption, elasticity and thermal insulating properties combined with chemical resistance and anti static qualities make it an ideal product. Additionally, it features high-level acoustic dampening.

Protective wrapping &
Bonded cushion pads

Vita-Pack heavy duty laminated foam products provides excellent padded protection for heavy work and recreational areas. The light weight, flexibility and cushioning property of bonded cushion pads provides impact resistance in low overhead areas of the work place, practice mats in gymnasiums or roll bar covers in motor sport and kiddies play areas.

Suitable for…
  • Rugby posts
  • Karate mats
  • Cartons and cooler box liners
  • Gym / aerobic mats
  • Playrooms and jungle gyms
  • Trampoline spring protection
  • Shock sensitive appliances

Download our Vita-Pack fact sheet for more product information and available packaging sizes.


Furniture & bedding

Vita-Furn products provides additioal cushioning, support and insulation for furniture and bedding products.
The expanded polyethylene foam products are light weight, flexibly and has high compression strength. The various extruded profiles are uniquely designed for ease of assembly and can be easily incorporated into products to provide additional features i.e. zoning.

  • Weatherability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Water absorption
Features & benefits
  • Moisture resistant
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Elastic cushioning
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Non toxic

Download our Vita-Furn fact sheet for more product information and available packaging sizes.


Netting & Agricultural Packaging

Vita-Net is an unique packaging medium. It is a soft, impact resistant, hygienic and odourless packaging product that provides an excellent protection for delicate items such as fruit, wine bottles and glass ware while in transit. It can also be use for the protection of furniture legs and arms.

  • Weatherability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Water absorption
  • Toxicity
Features & benefits
  • Expandable
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Economic and protective
  • Impact resistant
  • Non toxic

Download our Vita-Agri fact sheet for more product information and available packaging sizes.


Pipe insulation lagging

Vita-Therm pipe insulation lagging is manufactured from non cross-linked flexible expanded polyethylene with quick locking system, and is used for pipe insulation in hot and cold liquid applications.

  • Wall thickness in mm: 15mm & 20mm
  • Temperature Range: +80°C to -40°C
  • Thermal Conductivity Test Method SABS: ASTM C518
    R-Value: 15mm: 0.302m2 .K/W
    K-Value: 15mm: 0.051 W/m.K
    R-Value: 20mm: 0.393m2 .K/W
    K-Value: 20mm: 0.052 W/m.K
Features & benefits
  • Effective solution to reducing electricity and energy costs
  • Fully recyclable and environmental friendly
  • Flexible and easy to cut and install

Download our Vita-Therm fact sheet for more product information and available packaging sizes.


Flooring: MS

Wooden laminate flooring has become the preferred surface covering in most commercial and domestic buildings due to their aesthetic appeal and durability.
An essential element to ensure the durability of this investment is the prevention of moisture from penetrating the wooden laminate. Our Vita-Lay MS product guarantees moisture resistance due to both the water proof sheet of LDPE substrate and the unique closed-cell structure of Vita-Thene products.

Features & benefits
  • Moisture resistant
  • Elastic cushioning
  • Thermal insulation
  • Flexible
  • 100% Recyclable

Download our Vita-Lay fact sheet for more product information and available packaging sizes.

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