High Care Hospital Mattress

The High Care Hospital Mattress is construction of a Solid, Medium to High density foam core covered with a PU Coated, Single Stretch waterproof but Vapour Permeable permanent or removable cover.

The product is generally used in high care applications.

stretch mattress envelope
Envelop Double Seam. Permanent Cover
stretch mattress zip
Removable Zipper Cover Closed
High Care Hospital Mattress
Removable Zipper Cover Opened
Size (mm)
Prime Foam 35 kg/m3 PU Coated, Single Stretch Waterproof but Vapour Permeable Cover Permanent Envelop Cover with Double Seams or Removable Zipper Cover with flap over zip. On the removable cover the product includes a permanent net cover on the core, for ease of removal and refitting of the zipper cover. 870 120 1900
900 145 2000
1070 165