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Vitafoam is the largest producer of Flexible Polyurethane Foam in South Africa and has been in existence for over 38 years. Its range of products is comprehensive and offers solutions to a multitude of technical problems in a variety of markets.

Our BBBEE Procurement recognition level stands at 80% and our BBBEE status is at a Level 5 contributor. We pride ourselves moving forward in business innovation and growth.
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From its beginnings in the early 1960’s it has spread nationwide, now manufacturing in five locations throughout South Africa offering flexible Polyurethane Foam and processed Polyester Fibre. Whilst predominantly involved in the furniture and bedding markets, Vitafoam’s continuous research and development quest for new applications has resulted in a significant turnover in the industrial sectors e.g. packaging, cleaning and insulation.

This continuous search for new products and markets has led to the successful developments of such diverse foams as UK approved fire retardant foams, viscous (or memory) foams and ultra high hardness packaging foams.

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You can sit or sleep on anything, but you can only rest on Vitafoam.



Vitafoam will be the leader in innovation, cost, quality, service and on time and in full delivery in our industry, creating value for all our stakeholders.


To exceed customer expectations through service excellence.


a “ CAN DO ” attitude.
a PASSION for success

The background to the above is that we wanted do develop a very specific, non motherhood and apple pie statement, which will serve to guide our behaviour in all we do.

In other words – through our actions and results, in all our functional departments, we must be able to clearly demonstrate that we live the above.

Please contact the Sales Department to view our SABS certificate
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